CryptoSpaceStudios is a collaborative, decentralized, global team focused on facilitating the development of your crypto-related projects. We offer crosscutting services in the areas of NFT project management, development, marketing, smart contract development and audits, and other blockchain-related services. Our diverse team comprises blockchain experts with decades of experience in the industry.

The transition to blockchain technologies is rapidly occurring as many organizations embrace this cutting edge technology. At CryptoSpaceStudios, it is our vision to this accelerate this transition by providing specially tailored solutions for the rapidly evolving blockchain space.

About Us

CryptoSpaceStudios is a blockchain and NFT development consultancy for creators who are seeking first-rate project development, marketing, and secure smart contract deployment or audits.

As an NFT development company, we specialize in a wide range of services, from simple utility token development to full-fledged NFT marketplaces. We have programmers with expertise in a variety of token standards, such as ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155. We can create non-fungible tokens for physical assets (such as physical art and real estate) and virtual assets (such as digital art). We can even create unique tokens representing individual, negative value assets such as debts, liabilities, and bonds.

With our network of hundreds of experts combining many years of experience in NFT and blockchain technology, our company’s role is to analyze, brainstorm, develop, and bring your blockchain or crypto-related business ideas to fruition.

Our Services

With CryptoSpaceStudios, you have:

• The advantage of a wealth of experience from our blockchain development professionals.
• The inspiration of our artists and creative writers at your disposal.
• The professionalism and merit associated with doing business with a registered Limited Liability Corporation (LLC).

Financial Management

We offer decentralized financial advising in the creation of new utility tokens and protocols. We also are a tax-advantaged LLC offering management of funds, administrative functions for cryptocurrency investments, and peace of mind in the execution of your selected cryptocurrency projects or investments.

Secure Smart Contracts and Auditing

Our blockchain professionals have the ability to not only create and deploy new secure Smart Contracts in Solidity and Rust, but we also offer auditing and project standup services for your new NFT mints or DeFi protocols.

NFT Project Development and Management

Not an artist, but have a compelling idea? We are here to make your vision a reality. We are always searching for new ways to apply NFT technology beyond the digital art medium.

Shared Ownership

Entities that choose to build with CryptoSpaceStudios can buy into our organization and own a share of all assets under the company's management. In the spirit of decentralization, your success is of our highest priority and mutual interest.

Why Choose Us

CryptoSpaceStudios is where technology meets creativity, design, and execution.

  • 1. An initial (free) consultation, where we get an understanding of your project and vision of the future.

  • 2. An initial business agreement that allows us to begin project planning for you in full force.

  • 3. A session to elicit your high-level business requirements. Upon further analysis, we craft a project lifecycle plan for:

    • Marketing and community development
    • Website creation and deployment, as applicable
    • Initial NFT mint (or smart contract deployment)
    • Follow-on community management and NFT value sustainment activities.

  • 4. Gain your concurrence of our mutual plan and refine our mutual business agreement in order to proceed.

  • 5. Execute your blockchain project’s lifecycle, from simple audits to full NFT collection marketing, minting, and community management. Multiple status meetings throughout this process keep our customers apprised of the progress, issues, and mitigations our team performs in carrying out your project.


We like to find simple solutions to complex design requirements

Digital Marketing

Our industry connections make reaching the masses within the crypto space easier than ever with grassroots tactics and the intrinsic value of the projects we take on. We never stoop to “shill” tactics, botting, or other false representations. You can always be sure that your community is real and present for you and your project.

Market Analysis

We provide consulting services and insight on the estimated value of your art or business idea and can assist in the development thereof. From floor price assessments to lifecycle/royalty estimates, we can provide projections that will arm you with the knowledge you need to enter the NFT market with confidence.

Brand Marketing

Build more than just a following with CryptoSpaceStudios. We can apply our know-how to assist you in the creation of your brand’s identity and professional outward-facing image. From slogans, to logos, to copywriting, we can support you in building your brand from the ground up. That’s when our digital marketing efforts can be leveraged to get the word out on what you can now offer the crypto space!

About Us

We are creatives with 10 years of experience

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Donation Page

We are accept donations from individual, decentralized venture capital investors, and we provide exclusive perks for our supporters.

Planned incentives include free airdrops, first mover’s advantage on valuable projects, whitelisting benefits for future projects, free NFT drops, and more!

CryptoSpaceStudios will allocate these incentives to our supporters in a fair and transparent manner based upon donation amounts received. We will announce future reward sharing and distribution processes via our social media channels – stay tuned! 

CryptoSpaceStudios thanks you for your consideration and support.

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